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Mike Jones, mjj1llc is a local horticulturalist and educational consultant who planted over 30,000 bulbs on the corner of Navarre avenue and Wheeling and within the Navarre Avenue median.  The bulbs were donated by k. Van Bourgondien & Sons. The company was looking for a location where they could donate Spring bulbs for a strong showing in a highly visible public setting where the application and use of Spring bulbs could be demonstrated to local landscaping companies, business interests and the general public.

The goal of the donation was to teach the public that bulbs should not be treated as annuals where they are removed and discarded each year after they finish blooming. The bulb and foliage need to remain for several weeks after blooming for the bulbs to store up adequate energy to bloom successfully in the following years,

Mike noted "the process of treating Spring bulbs as annuals is over ten times more expensive in terms of cost per bloom. A quality Spring bulb floral display can be accomplished by using proper horticultural practices that include adequate soil preparation, bulb installation and care of those Spring floral displays".

K. Van Bourgondien & Sons will be publishing the Oregon Ohio project on their website. The Navarre Avenue project information will be available nationally and include teaching segments on proper horticultural procedures that will accompany their visual teaching components.

Oregon Economic Development Foundation to Launch Business Retention and Expansion Program 

      Over the next several weeks, nearly 1.000 businesses in Oregon will have an opportunity to help better understand the issues facing companies in today’s economy.  The Oregon Economic Development Foundation, the Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce, assisted by Ohio State University Extension in Lucas County and the Ohio Sea Grant College Program is launching a Business Retention and Expansion Program to evaluate the local business climate and to assist existing businesses with expansion within the community.  The first phase of the project will involve surveying nearly 1,000 businesses on and around the Navarre Avenue business corridor.   After the survey data has been tabulated, the task force will examine the results and look for ways to assist businesses in Oregon with operations and potential expansion plans. 

Businesses are encouraged to complete and/or return the survey by May 24, 2019.

Click HERE for survey

For more information on The Ohio BR&E Program, check the website at: https://comdev.osu.edu/programs/economic-development/business-retention-expansion.


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