What doesn't the Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce do?

There isn't much the Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber doesn't do in regards to helping you and your Business succeed, but what we do not cover is Tourism in the area.   The Economic Development has information pertaining to Import/Export and the Economic Development Department have information pertaining to Manufacturers and Industrial Listings.

Who can participate in Chamber events and activities?

Participation in almost all Chamber events and activities (such as Committee/Division meetings, etc) is normally restricted to Chamber members, and/or their guests; however...   We generally will allow non-Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber members to attend up to 2 events or activities to 'sample our product' so to speak, as the Chamber's guest. However, unless the guest of a member, by the third event or activity, they would be normally expected to have at least filed a valid application for membership. Plus, it should be noted that, normally, Chamber membership is in the name of a 'company' (including sole proprietorships, etc.) or 'organization' (e.g. a 'not for profit' or government agency). So which ever employee or officer whom that member company/organization feels may benefit from participation would be most welcome; i.e. they need not necessarily be an 'appointed representative' of the firm with the Chamber to participate.

What benefits then are there for the company to "Appoint Representatives"?

"An Appointed Rep" at the Chamber is entitled to:   Their contact information appearing on the Chamber's published and on-line Business Directories/Buyers Guides;   Receive personally and directly all Chamber communications, including mailings and e-mails, and to be thus personally invited to participate in any and all Chamber events and activates;   Invite co-workers & any others, at their complete discretion, to attend Chamber events and activities as their guests.

How is it determined how many "appointed reps" that a member can have at the Chamber?

The number of "appointed reps" that a member is entitled to is dependent on their membership class.

Can I apply to join the Chamber if my business is based outside any of the Chamber's Districts?

Yes, you can operate a business anywhere and still join our Chambers if you are willing to commit to the terms and conditions outlined in our "Membership Application Form", subject to, as with any membership application, the approval of acceptance as a member by our Board of Directors.