Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber's Mission

"Creating Business Opportunities, Growth & Prosperity!"

Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber's Mission Our Mission is to promote, develop and protect the economic vitality of the community through a positive business environment and to foster a climate in which commerce, industry and agriculture will flourish. We hope you will take time to peruse through our website! There are excellent user friendly programs and calendars available at the touch of a button. We look forward to either establishing or continuing a solid business partnership with you. Once again, from our business to yours, Welcome to the Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce!


Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber provides members with first-rate value for their membership through a formal Communications Plan that keeps local business members informed and knowledgeable of all the discounts, benefits and advantages enjoyed by belonging to the Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce. Becoming a Member


Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce provides members with outstanding business member value-added support and services. These support programs for business partners include affinity programs, educational opportunities, club service privileges, business collaboration and other partnerships. The networking, business opportunity and local business support keeps all members engaged in Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce and  increases the value of becoming a member. Benefits of Becoming a Member


Providing professional networking opportunities and learning venues, the Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce offers creative use of technology (e.g. Virtual Chamber concept with 24/7 access) with opportunities to assist other local business members in growing their business. We encourage participation on Chamber Committees, interaction and involvement in Chamber events and business sponsorship to promote each business and brand. With Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber events, our membeers have fun and enjoy social activities and entertainment. Chamber Events

Business Advocacy

Acting as the "Voice of Eastern Maumee Bay Businesses" through professional and business advocacy, Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce functions with the three levels of government and the public media. Giving special attention to Municipal affairs on the monitoring of public policy and community development matters, we thereby promote and support Economic Development opportunities that will encourage local business investment, attract new businesses, create jobs and provide the foundation for a sustainable and vibrant business community. Chamber FAQ's

Organizational Development

Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce provides Chamber staff and Volunteers with a stable, challenging, and productive work environment that promotes a cohesive team within the organization and a strong support system for Chamber business members. Chamber Board & Committees